My art begins with no photographs and makes no use of fractal programs. The trademarks of my work are color, movement and composition. These, with an unforgettable presentation, leave an impression on the viewer that is not forgotten.

My computer skills and my artististic skills are self-taught. My work is created using a 3D landscape generator. I do not start with any source materials such as photographs, nor do I make use of Photoshop filters. When I begin a new creation my screen is blank. I begin to build an atmosphere in 3D space that includes sky, clouds, sun and water. Once the atmosphere is created, I build objects and write material files to tell that object how to react within the environment. By making multiple objects, I am literally constructing an abstract and surreal world to explore. While exploring this world, I will capture unique and interesting compositions and reflections to render into final art.

To get my art into the real world, I do not print with ink. The final art is imaged onto photographic paper using RGB lasers to expose light sensitive emulsion. The photo is then developed in a darkroom. After development, it is laminated permanently to the backside of UV treated acrylic and sealed with expanded PVC and cut. This process provides protection against moisture and warping. For the final presentation it is mounted over a surface of brushed stainless steel.

I am involved with every aspect of the production process. This ensures that you are receiving the highest quality work, personally constructed and inspected by me. My work comes in limited editions that are offered in different standard sizes to meet space and budget requirements. Custom sizes are available upon request. VIEW GALLERY >>

I am a self-taught artist, innovator and pioneer of the New Media Art Movement.

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